Creation of  Yulo  Water  Works  System  (YWS) 

Boro-Boro Springs
Bocal-Bocal Springs
7 Deepwells (city proper)
1 Deepwell (Sum-ag)
1 Million Gallon Reservoir
66 km of pipeline

1955 NAWASA took over YWS
1965 Bacolod City took over operations from NAWASA
1973 Bacolod City Water District was created by virtue of PD 198 and was implemented by virtue of City Council Resolution #4460 Series of 1973. Phase I project (under LWUA) started.

Phase I project was fully activated.

9 Deepwells (Loygoy)
2.6 Million Gallon Reservoir
150 km of pipelines

1980 YWS was fully deactivated.
1984 2 Deepwells (Mansilingan and Espinos) were added to the system 143 cu.m. Elevated Tank
1987 Phase II project under LWUA was signed and implemented. It was partially used starting 1991.

Phase II Improvement & Development

5 Deepwells (Vista Alegre& Villa Soledad)
1,500 cu.m. Reservoir
82 km. of pipelines


BACIWA became a Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC), by virtue of a Supreme Court decision.

1998 Phase III project under JBIC loan was signed.

Phase III project was implemented.

12 Deepwells (Mansilingan, Felisa and Handumanan)
6,500 cu.m. Reservoir w/ Booster Station
1,500 cu.m. Break Pressure Tank
123 km of pipelines     

2008 BACIWA celebrated its 30th Anniversary on October 9
2013 BACIWA celebrated its 40th Anniversary on October 9