Baciwa inaugurates well in Mansilingan

February 23, 2017

The Bacolod City Water District inaugurated a new well in Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City yesterday that will provide water supply to the southern part of the city,Baciwa general manager Mario Macatangay said.

Baciwa general manager Mario Macatangay and director David Villanueva (l-r) at the blessing of Well No. 60 in Brgy.Mansilingan, Bacolod City, yesterday*/p>

Well No. 60 started operating Friday and will cover areas in the southern part of Bacolod City, especially Libertad and City Heights Subdivision, Macatangay said during the well's blessing and inauguration yesterday.

Baciwadirector David Villanueva said Well No. 60 will provide about 70 cubic meters of water per hour equivalent to 70,000 liters per hour.

He said Baciwa has put up six new wells in different areas in Bacolod City with a total budget of P50 million. When fully operationalthese wells are expected to address the deficit by producing an estimated 6 million liters of water per day.

Hopefully, with the six wells are fully operational and the Bulk Water Supply project operates in October, they will help address the problem of lack of water supply in Bacolod and alsothe future requirement of commercial establishments, Villanueva said.

For one year they were not able to accept additional water connections due to lack of supply. But with the operation of an additional well, they can open new water connections, he said.

Macatangay said Baciwa has about 51,000 concessionaires.

With the operation of six additional wells, they can definitely improve their level of service to their consumers in terms of water availability. So areas with six hours of water supply can now avail of extended service between eight to 10 hours, he said.

Macatangay said that out of the 60wells of Baciwaonly 56 are operational.

Aside from their six wells in Mansilingan, the Loygoy reservoir in Brgy. Granada, Villa Alexandria, Vista Alegre, Residencia Royal, Woodside Subdivision, and Handumanan Phase 6-B, they are drilling an additional six wells, he said.

Macatangay said they are looking into surface water as a viable and sustainable source.

So they will tap the Ngalan River where they have the Bulk Water Supply project. The BWS will also tap the Sum-ag, Matab-ang, Embang and Taliban rivers, he said.

At the onset of the BWS project, they will start to reduce the utilization of deep wells because these could deplete the ground water, Macatangay said.

Meanwhile,Macatangay said the Environmental Management Board of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has not issued any cease-and-desist order to Baciwa.

Macatangay said they have an existing Environmental Compliance Certificate which they plan to amend to include all other additional production facilities, transmission lines, storage facilities and additional reservoirs.

During the joint inspection conducted by the EMB-DENR and Baciwa last week, the agency noticed a violation and issued the water utility firm a notice of violation.So they took note of that because theyhad started without an approved ECC, he said.

Macatangay said a team from the DENR will do “scoping” activities in March of all facilities of Baciwa for that amendment of the ECC.

They will be penalized for the violation and will pay the necessary penalties if needed, he said.

The ECC is part of the water permit application which Baciwa applied for with the National Water Regulatory Board. After they filed for water permit application they could not wait for the agency to act on it so they started their operation, Macatangay added.*CGS